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Mission Statement 


March Forth has taken a step in FAITH and knows how God has and will provide for them.
March Forth is a ministry supported by God's blessings and therefore does not require a minimum payment for worship services; however, we do ask that you keep our costs in mind and prayer as we continue to minister with God's Word.

No matter the size of your congregation, do not hesitate to give us a call,
email us or simply use the U.S. Postal service.

For concerts, not involving a worship service there is a fee.

To check date availability, request a demo package, or to schedule a concert please phone:
Toll Free at 1-866-627-2444
or (717) 303 - 8706

Click here to Email Us About Bookings

or simply write us at:
March Forth
P.O. Box 1131
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

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